Finnish sauna

Dry sauna Prague has a classic temperature of 90 ° C. Only with us you know the power of the right sauna and perfect cooling in the cooling pool. With us you will know what a complete service is - in the price of entry we will lend you a sheet and a bath towel.

The sauna in Prague is always open from 10.30 am every day (not ordered).

How did the saunas originate and where did they come from?

Sauna is a Finnish word that denotes a small room or house that is used as a heating room after heating. The interior spaces are well insulated from the environment to prevent heat leakage and are lined with wood that is pleasant to the touch and has a good effect on the psyche of a person. The stove heats the air to 90 ° C. In the so-called Finnish sauna there are stones on the stove, which improve the thermal dynamics.

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